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More buildings burn in Benton Park

A rash of arsons in a St. Louis neighborhood has residents on edge.
Saturday night, a vacant building on the 3300 block of Wisconsin ave in Benton Park caught fire. It's just one of almost two dozen residents say have gone up in flames over the past six months.
NewsChannel5 has been tracking the suspicious fires over the past several months.

Plan Would Restore Antebellum Worker’s Cottage, Add Infill in Benton Park

An antebellum workers cottage in south St. Louis with possible ties to the Underground Railroad may finally have a new future. Planned is a one-story contemporary addition, as well as adjacent single-family and two-family homes. The proposal appears set to receive approval from the city’s Preservation Review Board next week.
The project, by Rubicon Corporation and designed by Curtiss Byrne, spans 3310-3320 Lemp, a total of five lots, all owned by the St. Louis Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). In April of this year, 3310 was set ablaze by an arsonist.

3011 Missouri, First of Five For Benton Park Infill Project Completed

The first of these historic-styled homes hits the market this month. While no one may applaud the non-brick sides and rear, or the carport (will another real garage ever be built in our fair city?!), the completed home is a great example of fitting a modern home behind a thoroughly historic facade.
There is a lot to appreciate about the 1890-1920 historic St. Louis home, especially if the detailed craftsmanship has been preserved.

Another thing to VOTE on!

Like you don't have enough to do in Tuesday night, the BPNA has decided to add to your "to do" list.   Not only do you have to find time to go vote for General Election, now you will have to go vote at the BPNA meeting. 

The current executive board has decided that it would be a good idea to push forward a proposal of the BPNA buying a building from the 1880's (and looks like it has not been kept up since). 

Somehow the board members think this is a good idea?!   I have attached their "feasibility report".  It is a must read. 

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Congratulation on Buying in Benton Park

Its a great feeling to own a piece of history that's over 120 years old! Now it's all about keeping it up. And owning a home that is over a century old demands a little TLC.