3011 Missouri, First of Five For Benton Park Infill Project Completed

The first of these historic-styled homes hits the market this month. While no one may applaud the non-brick sides and rear, or the carport (will another real garage ever be built in our fair city?!), the completed home is a great example of fitting a modern home behind a thoroughly historic facade.
There is a lot to appreciate about the 1890-1920 historic St. Louis home, especially if the detailed craftsmanship has been preserved. But homes with narrow hallways, steep steps, tiny closets, damp basements, and hidden kitchens aren’t for everyone.
3011 Missouri’s facade is a near replica of 1950 Wyoming, just a couple blocks to the southeast. The developer, Grand Home Solutions, Inc., was also the company behind a unique single-story home on Indiana Avenue we featured in 2013.
Inside the new home are three bedrooms and 2.5 baths in 2,702sf. You can see all the real estate listing images here: http://www.circastl.com/listing/3011-missouri-ave
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