About Benton Park

Welcome to the Benton Park Neighborhood

The Benton Park Neighborhood is named after St. Louis Missouri's second oldest park.  From its beginnings as early as 1836 with the sale of the St. Louis Commons until today, this neighborhood has maintained a prominent place in the city's heritage.

With Benton Park's age and architecture, in 1985 it had earned the distinction as the largest historic district in St. Louis when the Landmarks completed a voluminous nomination into the National Register.

Benton Park residences are artists, accountants, small businesses, growing families, singles and retirees. We'd like to show you around the neighborhood -a virtual tour of sorts- to show you what makes us unique in St. Louis city.

Benton Park is city living at its best, just five minutes from downtown St. Louis at I-55 and Arsenal. Just a quick trip from the city's cultural venues such as The Fox, The Botanical Gardens, The City Museum, St. Louis University, Washington University and others.


All about Benton Park

So you are interested in finding out more about Benton Park? Here we have collected information regarding the make-up of the neighborhood. Here is information on:

This outlines the physical boundaries that make-up Benton Park and outlines the different neighborhoods that are our neighbors.

This section will dive into our past. How Benton Park came to be, What happened to shape its' future, and Who were involved in doing it.

We have a number of parks in Benton Park. Lets explore them and see what they offer.

Interesting Facts:

  • 1850 - Platting of neighborhood
  • 1976 - 1st. St. Louis location for the Neighborhood Housing Services
  • 1980 - 1st. St. Louis neighborhood with it own Arts Council
  • 1985 - Missouri's largest Federal Register District on the National Historical Register