Benton Park Neighborhood Association


Benton Park Neighborhood Association

Come meet your neighbors!  

BPNA is a Non-Profit Organization of Residents and Friends of Benton Park.

Where : The Epiphany United Church of Christ located at 2911 Mc Nair in the Fellowship Hall.
When : The 1st Tuesday of each month. (Except January & August)
6:00-7:00 :

Committee Meeting
Problem P
roperty Meeting

7:00-9:00 : Neighborhood Meeting.

When your looking at the church, there are stairs on the North side.  Follow them up and all the way to the back and look for the door in the picture (above).  Go in and to the left.  There you will find a door on the left side.  This is where you will find everyone. 


Problem Property Meeting:

If you have a property that you suspect drug traffic or there is overcrowding or constant negligence, please bring the ADDRESSES and dates of any incidents.  Please contact Debbie Carroll (664-4009) 1 week prior to the 1st Tuesday and she will arrange to have Captain Dan Rechtien or other 3rd District Police Officer, Alderman Ken Ortmann, Neighborhood Stabilization Officer Barb Potts and Chairperson Debbie Carroll will be available to conduct this informational meeting.


Benton Park Neighborhood Regular Meeting:

Here we welcome the new neighbors, have Committee reports, get reviews, reports and updates from the Planning Committee, the Parks Committee, Problem Properties and Building Review.  Announce and discuss any fund raiser and/or actives and listen to a guest speak.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Benton Park Neighborhood Association will be to promote the best interests of the neighborhood through the efforts of its residents in conjunction with City officials and departments.  

The Association represents the neighborhoods within its boundaries only and will not take a partisan position in any election. The Association will be involved in any item brought before the City that would impact the neighborhood. It will embody the community spirit of the neighborhood within its boundaries.  

The Association will work to protect, improve and promote the life style the neighborhood currently enjoys by staying aware of planned zoning changes, new commercial or multi-family development, roads to be built or improved and any other item which may impact the infrastructure of the neighborhood.



The Benton Park Neighborhood Association of St. Louis, Missouri is a non-profit corporation that was established in 1984.

Comprised of voluntary residents who have joined together to provide an organized framework to promote improvement in our neighborhood's appearance, provide vigilance against crime and enhance the communication and unity between all Benton Park residents.

We encourage all Benton Park residents, whether you own, rent, or work here, to join the Association and actively participate in bettering our neighborhood.

The BPNA provides and promotes programs, services and activities aimed at encouraging connections between neighbors and fostering civic involvement in our diverse community.

We welcome donations of supplies, volunteers, and money. Since we're a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your donation to the Benton Park Neighborhood Association is tax-deductible!

What Do They Do?

The BPNA has worked over the years for an informed and active electorate, sound planning, and responsive government which will serve the residents of the Benton Park neighborhood. Current and recent programs include:

Neighborhood Activities: 

  • House Tours

  • Chalk Art Festivals

  • Picnics

  • Holiday Party

Community awareness:

  • candidate debates and town hall meetings;

  • information on arranging block parties;

  • newsletters, flyers, and special mailings;

  • calendar of events

Crime Prevention:

  • National Night Out;

  • Problem Properties program;

  • Crime Watch eMail elist.

Area enhancements:

  • tree and flower planting; 

  • Operation Brightside;

  • parks maintenance and upgrades;

  • markers and banners.

Involvement in government:

  • monitoring planning issues and their impact on traffic,  schools, libraries, recreational resources, etc.

  • tracking local and regional issues before city hall;

  • working with local representatives and staff on issues of concern; and

Respond to members:

Through general meetings, by e-mail, or phone with questions, concerns, or suggestions, and a Board member or other volunteer will return your call.