BPNA Meetings

Hello everyone! 

We have two important meetings coming up this week that we want to ensure that everyone is aware. 

  • The BPNA Sponsorship Committee meeting is scheduled tomorrow night, Monday March 5, 2012 at Killeen Studios.  3015 Salena Street.  As BPNA needs funds to pull off the many scheduled events, we need all hands on deck to help secure Sponsors.  Please email Katie Evitts at krae1122@gmail.com for more details.
  • The monthly BPNA meeting is scheduled for Tuesday evening beginning 7:00 PM.  The agenda includes:
    • 2012 Membership Goals
    • Final 2011Actuals
    • 2012 Budget
    • Brainstorm Future Meeting Themes
    • Adopting Benton Park Markers    

In addition, we have additional Volunteer Opportunities for this year.  We are looking for people interested in the following positions:

  • Marketing Committee Chair - Someone experienced creating and implementing a multimedia marketing strategy for a Non-profit organization.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Someone to solicit and coordinate volunteers for the various BPNA  committees / events.
  • Communication Coordinator – Working with Marketing and Executive Committee, we need someone to send out informational blasts such as this one.  
  • Contributing Writers for the BPNA Newsletter – Simply submit your stories about Benton Park to Nancy Galvin at galvinnj@slu.edu


Last but not least, please don’t forget to submit your BPNA registration – you can find it on our website at http://www.bpnastl.org/bpna-membership/!!!

To make communication easier going forward, I am in the process of creating a Yahoo Group – BPNASTL@yahoo.com.  I will be sending you invitations to join that site.  If you want to continue to get this type of information, please accept the invitation.   If you do not want to be included in this  communication going forward or if this is not a valid method of contact, please let me know.   


Theresa Keith

BPNA Membership Chair