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There has been a change in the way the City handles
Building Code violations that you need to know!

City ordinance 66857, passed by the Board of Aldermen and signed by the mayor, makes some important changes to the way the City handles simple code violations. Addressing unsightly property has been a problem for City inspectors but it's been an even bigger dilemma for City Courts. Forcing code violators to appear in court has caused a serious backlog of cases for an already overburdened system. We need a way to efficiently enforce the City's law without jamming the court dockets. This new ordinance is the best way to do it.

Signed by: Jim Shrewabury, Aldermanic President and Sponsor of Ord. #66857

How Does it Work?

City inspectors will still notify property owners of violations, just as they always have. Homeowners will be given a set amount of time to fix that violation(s). The time period can range from 30 days all the way up to several months depending on how much work needs to be done. If the violation(s) is not corrected on time, a $25 penalty for each violation will be assessed. Under the old law, violators would automatically be given a court date to explain why the problem was not fixed.

Can I Appeal the Penalty?

Yes. If you feel there was no violation or that you had fixed the violation on time, you can contest the penalty to the City's Court Administrator. You will have to appear before the Administrator to argue your case. If you are not satisfied with the Administrator's ruling, you can appeal to the Circuit Court.

What If a Property Owner Refuses to Fix the Problem?

The City will continue to re-inspect the property. The first citation is $25 but the second will jump to $50. Violators will keep getting citations until they fix the problem. Habitual offenders will eventually end up in court.

What Is A Code Violation?

This ordinance addresses maintenance and safety code violations, which are basically things that detract from the appearance of the property and the neighborhood-peeling paint, broken windows, old tires, derelict cars, etc. and problems that could make the property unsafe, like a rusted railing. Severe safety code violations and condemnations are handled through a different procedure.

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