Cherokee Antique Row

1900 - 2300 Cherokee Street

St. Louis, Missouri 63118

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Hour of Operation

Monday: varies by store
Tuesday: varies by store
Wednesday: varies by store
Thursday: varies by store
Friday: varies by store
Saturday: varies by store
Sunday: varies by store

The word Antique brings to mind an old piece of furniture, silverware, vase dish or other artifact from an earlier period.  Usually something has to be over 100 years old to be considered a real antique.  Cherokee Street Antique Row has an full understanding of this and has developed an area worth a visit.  It is a place where one can find a piece of art and history.  There are 35 - 45 antique dealers along this street.  It is a warm, friendly, and tree-lined street that is great for a walk, especially on Saturdays.  Cherokee Street is not a recreation of a 19th century street.  Cherokee Street is the real thing.

Everything from fine antique furniture to World War II collectibles, tucked in the nooks and crannies of these  antique shops lining Cherokee Street from Jefferson to Lemp. Each shop has its own hours, but for the most part there’s something open any day of the week. Minutes from downtown.