Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

Lemp Neighborhood Art Center

Established in 1988 - The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center is a collective of artists, activist and interested people who see art as the best tool for providing a voice to the needs of our inner city neighborhood.  They are concerned with art which speaks to the inequity of current social systems.  They are also particularly interested in art which exists beyond the scope of commercially acceptable and seek to provide a space for exhibit , performance and presentation to artists which have not established the reputation necessary to gain entry to the accepted galleries and performance spaces. The space is available free of charge to members who work to maintain the facility.


Meeting Overview


  When: Quarterly (announced 2 weeks before)
  Where: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center
3301 Lamp Ave.  StL, MO. 63118
  Attendees: Technically it is open to the public but, practically it is the concern of a small group artists, social scientists and interested parties
  Dues: Free if each member assists in the implementation of programs developed by other members.  After contributing to the success of a program they are technically members and may propose programs which will be presented while waiving all fees required of non members.  There are no dues (for the time being) but participation in the development and maintenance of the facilities is required. There are also residences in the facility - membership is required of residents.
  General Agenda: Project proposals from non-members, grant opportunities, requests for service, facilities, new members.
  Web Site: Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center -  Main web site.

 Contact Information

Have something that you wish to contribute?  Please contact them by:

  Mail : Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association
3301 Lemp Ave.
St. Louis, MO  63158
  Phone: 771-1096 or 771-8578
  Email : Cherokee Park Neighborhood Association