Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

3322 DeMenil Place

St. Louis, Missouri 63118

Phone (314) 664-8024
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Hour of Operation

Monday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Tuesday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Wednesday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Thursday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Friday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Saturday: 11-2:30 5:30-10
Sunday: 11:30 - 8:00

Murder Mystery Diner Theater

"Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries or Group Parties"

Interactive theater for the sleuth in you.  Package includes a five course Prime Rib, Chicken or Seafood dinner, dessert, beverage & tax.

Call for Reservations!


You decide!

-- "In June 2006, I took my Photography class on a field trip to the supposedly haunted Lemp Mansion in St. Louis. Infrared film was loaded in my 35mm camera. I took a picture of the portrait of the "Lavender Lady" who still haunts the house. Some of the attendants have seen her walking in her lavender gown outside at night. When I developed the film, her face creeped me out! It looked decayed and skeletal, while the rest of the photo was normal. I shot this without a flash, and have the film negative to prove this is exactly what came out on the frame. Some say infrared film can capture spectral images. Maybe so!"