National Historic

National Historic District

Benton Park Neighborhood is part of the larger Benton Park National Historic District. This entitles buildings within the district that are designated as "contributing" to qualify for historic tax credits for renovations made that conform to National Park Service guidelines. Home owners qualify for Missouri tax credit is 25%, income producing properties qualify for Missouri tax credit of 25% and Federal tax credit of 20%.

Key Points about the National Register Process for Property Owners

  • Listing in the National Register honors the property by recognizing its importance to its community, State, or the Nation.

  • Under Federal law, private property owners can do anything they wish with their National Register-listed property, provided that no Federal license, permit, or funding is involved.

  • Owners have no obligation to open their properties to the public, to restore them, or even to maintain them, if they choose not to do so.

  • To ensure public participation in the nomination process, property owners and local officials are notified of proposed nominations to the National Register and provided the opportunity to comment. In addition, once a nomination is submitted to the National Park Service another public comment period is published in the Federal Register.

  • Private property owners may object to the proposed nomination of their property to the National Register. If a majority of private property owners objects to a nomination, then the property cannot be listed in the National Register.

  • Federal agencies whose projects affect a listed property must give the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation an opportunity to comment on the project and its effects on the property.

  • Owners of listed properties may be able to obtain Federal historic preservation funding, when funds are available. In addition, Federal investment tax credits for rehabilitation and other provisions may apply.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources listing:

Benton Park District (northern half map; southern half map), bounded by Gravois Ave., I-55, S Broadway, & Jefferson St. (12/30/85)

Historical Tax Credits

Owning a home in Benton Park allows you access to Historical Tax Credits.  Find out more here:

State: Rehabilitation Tax Credits for Historic Buildings

Federal: National Register of Historic Places