Organizations in Benton Park

Other Neighborhood Organizations

Any Resident - Here you will find the meetings that the general public are encouraged to attend and participate in.

Benton Park Neighborhood Association

Here they welcome the new neighbors, have Committee reports, get reviews, reports and updates from the Planning Committee, the Parks Committee, Problem Properties and Building Review.  Announce and discuss any fund raiser and/or actives and listen to a guest speak or two.

Cherokee-Lemp Historic District

The Cherokee-Lemp Special Business District is a special taxing district formed to plan and carryout services, improvements and special events within the district. Its Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor, and includes representatives of businesses, property owners, and renters within the district.

Lemp Neighborhood Association

The CPNA has grown from a block group fighting crime and absentee landlords to an organization actively empowering residents to purchase property and chart the future of our part of the Benton Park Neighborhood.

Police Advisory Board

Meets monthly at the Salvation Army and send out a monthly newsletter except for July & August. This is a public meeting providing an opportunity for the general public to meet your 3rd District Police Officers and to express their concerns for neighborhood safety. They have various speakers on Nuisance situations, Inspections, police safety grant programs, operation safe street, etc.

Local Leaders - Here you will find the meetings that local officials are attending. These organizations are generally not open to general public. This is mostly do to facilitating the ability to get as much done in as little time that is available and the lack of available facilities to accommodate the general public. You still can attend if you ask before showing up and even then, you may be prohibited from talking or delaying the proceeding in any way.

Benton Park Community Housing Corp

The Housing Corp is a board of resident professionals that are appointed by Alderman Kenneth Ortmenn. They are our neighborhood voice to the city development agencies, such as the Community Development Administration (CDA) and Land Reutilization Authority (LRA). They review building proposals and architectural designs.

Others - Here are other organizations that are located in Benton Park. Some are open to the public, others you may have to join. Some are just here for informational purposes so that you are aware that they exits and can get in contact with them.

Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

A loosely organized collective of free jazz musicians, composers, poets, actors and artists free from category who use their craft towards social change and enlightenment. The space is available free of charge to members who work to maintain the facility.

Lemp Avenue Archaeological Site

Discover the history of Benton Park through archaeological research done in the area.

Neighboring Neighborhoods 

Here is a listing of our neighboring neighborhoods. Here we have listed all our neighboring neighborhoods including schedule information regarding their meeting times, dates and locations.