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The Benefits of Parks are endless....

Historically, public parks have been a critical part of our heritage locally, regionally and nationally. Born out of need, parks are constantly evolving due to changing cultural, societal and demographic demands and desires. Often people are unaware of how vital recreation and leisure are to the quality of their lives. While fun, happiness and play are vital to growth and development, the expanded role of public parks is more critical than ever. Whether we know it or not, programs, services, events and opportunities offered by local, state and national park positively impact many areas of our lives and society as a whole.

We have 4 wounderful parks in Benton Park:

Major Benefits of Parks to a Community

Each category below has dozens of specific benefits, which are substantiated by facts, field studies, testimonials and research findings. Here are some of few ways that parks works for you, your neighbors, your kids and your communities…

Individual Benefits

  • Improves Academic Performance
  • Better Health in Later Years
  • Reduces Stress

 Community Benefits

  • Reduces Adult and Juvenile Crime
  • Keeps Kids Off the Streets
  • Builds Strong Communities


  • Preserves Plant and Animal Wildlife
  • Controls Air, Water and Soil Quality
  • Provides Accessible Places to Enjoy Nature

Economic Benefits

  • Increases Property Values
  • Reduces Health Care and Insurance Costs
  • Boosts Tourism