Recycling in Benton Park

Did you know that we have a recycling center right here in Benton Park? It located on Pestalozzi, right next to the fire station.

City of St. Louis Firehouse #1
2910 South Jefferson, 63118

Aluminum cans, steel (tin) food cans, glass bottles, #1 and #2 plastic bottles, newspaper

At this location you can recycle the following. . . .

  • Newspaper - Must be clean and dry. Slick inserts, like in Sunday paper, o.k. NO Plastic wrappers, string or twine.
  • Catalogs/Magazines- Thin catalogs, glossy/slick paper or advertising flyers.  NO Postcards or thick catalogs.
  • Junk Mail / Mixed Office Paper - Colored or copier paper, envelopes (including plastic windows), folders (without metal or plastic) gift or holiday wrapping paper (no foil type) packing papers, printer or school paper, stationery, white paper, junk mail.  It is not necessary to remove regular paper clips or stapes.   NO Binders, binder clips, carbon paper, construction paper, decorations such as bows, ribbons, string, twine, etc.  Non-Kraft-paper shopping bags or bags with handles, notebooks, plastic coated or laminated paper, plastic sheet protectors, rubber bands, facial, sanitary or tissue products, spiraled notebooks, thermal or treated fax paper or tissue paper.
  • Aluminum Cans, Aluminum Bottles, Foil, Food Trays, Pie Plates- Rinse them out. Crush them if possible. Bi-metal cans o.k.
  • Steel Cans - This can be tin food cans and empty steel aerosol cans. Rinse them out. Crush them if possible.
  • Glass Bottles & Jars- Rinse them out. Remove lids. Labels can be left on. NO blues glass, ceramics, dishes, drinking glasses, light bulbs, mirrors, Pyrex0type glass products, window glass. (do not break glass)
  • #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, & #7 (not #6) Plastic Bottles & Jugs- Rinse them out. Remove lids. Flatten to save space. NO cooking oil bottles or containers, disposable diapers, frozen food bags, hazardous materials containers (e.g. anti-freeze, motor oil, etc.), plastic bags, or wrap, Styrofoam or other foam, or any type of polystyrene products.
  • Aseptic Packaging (e.g. juice boxes and pouches)
  • Gable Top Containers(e.g. juice and milk cartons)
  • Steel/Tin Cans- (Can include lids) Beverages, foods, aerosols.  NO Oil or paint cans.
  • Corrugated Cardboard- Brown/Kraft paper (e.g. bags, sheets, wrapping, etc) NO Cardboard cans (such as fiber drums), food contaminated materials (such as pizza boxes) or non-Kraft-paper shopping bags or bags with handles.
  • Carrier stock(e.g. boxes that contained beer or soda),
  • Chipboard/Paperboard(e.g. boxes that contained cake mixes, cereals, crackers, dry food, food mixes, paper supplies, shoes) NO boxes that are coated or lined with wax, plastic or foil (e.g. frozen food, milk, juice, etc)

Please remove all contents and rinse containers.  It is not necessary to remove labels. Flattened.