Visting Benton Park

Welcome to Benton Park!

Steeped in history and well-versed in progress, Benton Park promises a memorable experience! Whether you're looking for a unique shopping and dining destination, a one-of-a-kind special event or a weekend getaway, we are thrilled to have you as our guest.

Complementing the metropolitan lifestyle of Saint Louis, Benton Park offers a relaxing escape, enticing visitors to spend the afternoon or stay for a while. Benton Park allows you to "get away"! From immersing yourself in the neighborhood charm and culture of the historic district, to the big city amenities at every corner; it's the perfect retreat from the hectic pace of today. Returning visitors will find that much progress has been made over the past decade or so, leading to more than a few changes. Shopping and retail centers abound, well-known restaurants and local favorites continue to develop and outdoor recreation amenities have been greatly enhanced.

What hasn't changed about Benton Park is its true uniqueness. Waiting to charm you with its immaculately appointed park, the natural beauty of Cherokee Antique Row, and the irresistible allure of the hospitality in its people and places; Benton Park beckons a fantastic repose! In fact, many people experience Benton Park once and never leave. Through this site, we'll give you a sampling of the opportunities that Benton Park offers - leaving the experience to you.