To determine how your property is currently zoned call the Building Division.

Zoning and subdivision regulations are the primary tools used to control the use and development of land. In general, zoning prescribes permitted uses of land and buildings, and specifies relationships between the amount of land and the size and placement of buildings on it. Subdivision regulations control the division of a parcel of land into individual building lots. Through comprehensive land use regulation, zoning aims to preserve the integrity of City neighborhoods.

In terms of process, an applicant interested in developing a project, generally, first needs to determine if the City's Zoning Code permits whatever use s/he is proposing. If the use is prohibited, the applicant will need to file an appeal to the City, and have the appeal approved in order to proceed with the development. The appeal may take the form of a conditional use permit, a variance in the zoning code, or a request for rezoning, depending on the nature of the development. For larger scale projects requiring greater land-use flexibility, the applicant may also consider applying for an alternative zoning district -- a planned unit development district or a community unit plan.

To find out about the City of St. Louis Zoning Ordinances go to:
St. Louis City Revised Code, Chapter 26, Zoning

Building Division - Zoning Section
City Hall, Room 400, 1200 Market Street
Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
St. Louis, MO 63103
(314) 622-3666
Fax: (314) 552-7617

Benton Park alderman (7th Ward, Phyllis Young and 9th Ward Ken Ortmann) provide aldermanic approval for zoning matters, conveyance of property from the city to private ownership and/or when financial grant or property tax abatement is sought. Both alderman typically solicit input from neighborhood group to provide recommendation.


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