Competing plans emerge for St. Louis firefighter pensions

Another city leader has proposed yet another plan to curb the rising cost of city firefighter pensions.

On Friday morning, Aldermanic President Lewis Reed revealed his proposal — meant to compete with a controversial set of bills forwarded by Mayor Francis Slay two weeks ago — and, in doing so, set off a new round of political maneuvering.

BPNA Needs You!

Hello Neighbors!  

A Look Back: Lemp Mansion, home of beer dynasty and suicide

A servant heard a muffled pop from her master's bedroom. She summoned his sons, who broke down the locked door and found William J. Lemp Sr. dead with a gunshot to his right temple.

The .38-caliber revolver was nearby. It was the first of four fatal gunshots in the sad tale of St. Louis' first beer dynasty.

Lemp, 68, shot himself on the morning of Feb. 13, 1904, in his second-floor bedroom of the family mansion at 3322 South 13th Street (now DeMenil Place), next to his brewery covering 13 blocks. Lemp had never gotten over the sudden death in 1901 of his son, Frederick, brewery superintendent, from a heart ailment. His depression deepened. When he didn't emerge from the room that morning, no one took much notice.

Caves dominate underground in St. Louis

For most of us East-Siders, St. Louis is like our second home. We go to the zoo; to the Science Center; to shop, to see Cardinal, Rams or Blues games; we often dine in the city's fine restaurants, and many of us work there.

"Drunken Squirrel" Passes Out in Benton Park

Critter got crunked! (or he's dead)This poor slob was encountered Tuesday afternoon on Lemp Avenue, two blocks north of Arsenal. East side of the street. (Curiously, this is very close to two watering holes: Venice Cafe and Fraziers......)


Disclaimer: this was not staged by Daily RFT....


By Nicholas Phillips, December 22, 2010

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New BPNA funded website launched

The BPNA has launched a new neighborhood website with the URL being

President Nancy Galvin completed the interviewing web site designers back in July.  The recommendation was to hire Casey Kasparek for $2,000.

Gerard Craft protégé takes reins of Taste

More changes in the Niche family of restaurants: Chef-owner Gerard Craft announced this afternoon that Adam Altnether has taken over ownership of Taste.

Altnether, 24, who grew up in south St. Louis County and has been working full-time in Craft's kitchens since 2007, will immediately assume the role of executive chef and owner. His first task: overseeing Taste's imminent move from Benton Park to the Central West End, in the former Moxy Bistro space at 4584 Laclede Avenue.

Craft sells Taste

Adam Altnether, a 24-year-old St. Louis native and executive chef of Brasserie by Niche, bought Taste, the popular mixology bar and charcuterie in St. Louis’ Benton Park neighborhood, from Chef Gerard Craft.

Craft will remain a minority investor in Taste.

Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed.

For Jane Reinecke, good cooking runs in the family

Jane Reinecke grew up in a family of good, solid New England cooks. She still bakes her grandmother's wild blueberry cake, beating and folding in the egg whites as her grandmother did, flouring the berries so they don't sink to the bottom.

Another thing to VOTE on!

Like you don't have enough to do in Tuesday night, the BPNA has decided to add to your "to do" list.   Not only do you have to find time to go vote for General Election, now you will have to go vote at the BPNA meeting. 

The current executive board has decided that it would be a good idea to push forward a proposal of the BPNA buying a building from the 1880's (and looks like it has not been kept up since). 

Somehow the board members think this is a good idea?!   I have attached their "feasibility report".  It is a must read.